Magazzini Frigoriferi a Genova Company


Founded in 1979, with more than 100.000 square metres of warehousing space, 3 locations close to Genoa and Vado Ligure ports, Frigogenova offers customer oriented solutions in the field of warehousing, value added Logistics and Supply Chain Management.
Our facilities are located in:


Include several frozen as well as dry, chilled and temperature controlled warehouses.
All of our facilities are bonded and have the necessary veterinary approvals.
They are licensed to store transit goods as well as tax-and customs-free products being authorized as:

  •  Bonded warehouse (T1) both conforming and NON-conforming
  • Customs warehouse for VAT purposes
  • Temporary storage warehouse (A3)
  • Excise warehouse

Our facilities are all equipped with state-of-the art technologies.
Skilled fridge experts maintain and monitor our refrigerator systems and a remote control system constantly detects the set-up temperatures and provides, on demand, the recorded temperatures by day/by hours.
A security alarm system and video surveillance cameras operating 24h/24h are installed covering all areas of our locations.
The services we offer include handling of inbound flows of goods, storage, outbound flows of goods and “value added services”.
Incoming flows

  • Reception and A-check of the goods
  • Customs documentation inbound
  • Quality control after registration of irregularities
  • Scanning and storage
  • Cross-docking
  • Goods Consolidation from different suppliers

Bulk or rack storage in accordance with product specific characteristics, which includes following activities

  • Slotting and holding merchandise in appropriate locations and temperatures
  • Regular cycle counts
  • Annual inventory in collaboration with the client (client representative or auditor)
  • Master data management
  • Status management at pieces or cases on the basis of clients needs
  • Our WMS system allows tracing on BAR-CODE

Outbound flow

  • Replenishment picking in full loads
  • Detailed-picking according to client orders (in the function of distribution centre)
  •  Picking includes accurately selecting merchandise as instructed by Customer Order using First in First out (FIFO)
  • Customs documentation outbound

Efficiency, Integrity and flexibility are the  key values of our business philosophy.